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about fitness classes

Yoga is an important part of every fitness facility’s schedule nowadays. That is all due to yoga being so universal for all kinds of people and the overall benefits it brings to any person’s health and shape. The yoga classes listed below have a shorter duration time than our other classes on the schedule. Every yoga class at the ironmass gym is beginner and prenatal friendly!

1) Easy Yoga, is a 1 hour, once per week session.
Due to it’s lightweight itinerary, its advised for seniors, people with minor injuries and prenatal students.

2) Community Class is 1 hour, once per week.
This class involves working out in a big group of students, who are engaged in intense workouts and asanas!

People whom we would recommend taking our CrossFit classes:
  • Professional athletes, preparing for competitions
  • Law enforcement officers, participating in an active duty
  • Amateur athletes with a mid to long experience in fitness

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